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We are very excited to announce that we are finally kicking off our HUGE HFN Legacy Archive Project - Get full access to all 600+ of our back issues with ONE Archive Project subscription.

This special promotion is an invitation to our biggest fans over the past 45 years. You asked for it and NOW it is here. Enjoy searching by words, writers, and topics, and get in to reading and exploring all the best of HFN, and at our special Inaugural Beta Tester subscription annual rate of $69, as we upload each decade over the next couple of months.

We are starting you off with the last 22 years (yes we will give you all of 2022 including the new December issue when it is published).  Give us your impressions, feedback, wish list, and help us work through any glitches, before we upload the 1990s, and then 1989-1977! 

We are also asking that any individuals, businesses and agencies who would like to support this long awaited project containing 45 years of our community's best tips, wisdom from the local legends, local and regional catch data, technological, environmental and policy concerns, stories containing our shared cultural heritage, and be recognized as the Archive's Legacy Sponsors, to please email us at hfnpublishing@gmail.com. Your support will help us preserve this remarkable legacy for generations.

All Inaugural Subscribers and Inaugural Legacy Sponsors will also receive special invitations and thank you gifts throughout 2023 from Hawaii Fishing News, HFN Publishing, and our Archive partners. That is why we ask for both your mailing address and your email address.

Mahalo Gift #1: You will also receive ALL of the 2023 issues of Hawaii Fishing News Digital E-Zine!

If you purchased each digital issue from 1977-2022 individually, it would cost over $1750, at $2.99 per issue.

When the full upload is completed, the HFN Legacy Archive annual subscription will be raised to the full price of $120, and there will be a lifetime subscription access  offer of $400, which will help us maintain this remarkable legacy for generations.

By purchasing now, you will also help us complete the HFN Legacy Archive Project over the next couple of months, and assist with designing improvements to the entire online experience of this unparalleled data base.

The HFN Archive Project preserves and documents the community legacy, contributions and history of generations of Hawaii's best fishers, divers and hunters.

When you purchase an archive project subscription, we will send you the full instructions to access the archive in 1-5 days. You can get started by exploring the HFN Magazine App for free. It is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play, as well as viewable from your computer desktop via Zino.com at https://www.zinio.com/hawaii-fishing-news-m34860