Hawaii's Offshore Hunters -Various HFN Writers

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Hawaii's Offshore Hunters -Various HFN Writers


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Written by the Editors and Friends of HAWAII FISHING NEWS

An Unequaled Course in Blue Water Catching!

Get on board with some of Hawaii's top meat hunters as they explain how they rig for the ocean's top predators. 

Billfish - Ahi - Aku - Mahimahi - Ono
Learn how they read and follow the birds to put more fish in the box. Then, once you've caught your fish, we'll show you the best way to cut it... plus HFN's single-most popular way to prepare and serve it.

True Adventures on the High Seas
from the files of

- How to pick the right lure
- How to fish the FADs successfully
- Top sport fish of the world's tropical seas and how they're related
- Fishing for Marlin and 'Ahi Can Be Hazardous to Your Heath
- The Last Trip of the BETTY C
- The Sea Monster Nightmare
- The Battle with Tigers for the Hana Bull

These best-kept secrets are now revealed in this new book, gathered from the files of HAWAII FISHING NEWS to make you a more successful "Offshore Hunter." 

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