HOT GIFT IDEA: Fishing Hawaii Style Gift Set - Volumes 1 - 3- SAVE $15!

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HOT GIFT IDEA: Fishing Hawaii Style Gift Set - Volumes 1 - 3- SAVE $15!

Each Volume sells for $33 separately 

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Looking for the perfect gift for a fishermen? Novice to experience fishermen will all find a wealth of knowledge in our three book Fishing Hawaiian Style Gift Set.

In Fishing Hawaii Style - Volume 1 you'll find over 400 illustrations showing basic to advanced how-to techniques. 
- Tackle and Techniques 
- Big Game 
- Bottom Fishing 
- Fishing FADs 
- Shore Casting 

In Fishing Hawaii Style - Volume 2, find out how to catch game fish from the shoreline and deep seas, and even shrimp, crab, lobster and squid. Includes detailed descriptions of surfcasting for ulua (slide-baiting and dunking), drifting sand bars for 'o'io, locating and catching deep-water snapper, fighting big game fish on light and heavy tackle, catching tuna at night under light, trolling green sticks, making and using popping plugs, fishing from boards, jigging with flies for akule and live baiting amberjack and other giant deep-sea denizens. Along with a wide range of practical and useful information that will increase your fishing skills.

Then, in Fishing Hawaii Style - Volume 3, we’ve collected thousands, selected hundreds of the best fishermen’s ingenious ideas to include in this best-selling "FISHING Hawaii Style” series. Find tips, tricks, techniques and projects to make your fishing more enjoyable and successful! Regardless of whether you fish from a boat or shore, the surface or the depths, big game or small, you’ll find useful suggestions and helpful advice.

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