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Fishing Hawaii Style Vol. 1 - SOLD OUT

Fishing Hawaii Style Vol. 1 - SOLD OUT

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"This book was motivated by my own curiosity about what is going on. Many fishermen feel that what they have learned is for their own benefit... The result is that all fishermen, both beginners and experts, pay the price. Fishing knowledge is a common legacy. Even so, all of us have our own secret methods which we think make us different and better than anybody else. But in the final analysis... The basics are a common heritage for all anglers" -Jim Rizzuto 

Over 400 Illustrations Showing Basic To Advanced How-To Techniques.
- Tackle and Techniques
- Big Game
- Bottom Fishing
- Fishing FADs
- Shore Casting

Recommended by Salt Water Sportsman Magazine...
(Reprinted from SWS)
"An excellent guide to Hawaiian angling. It's written smoothly and accurately and contains information that applies anywhere in the world.

"Jim Rizzuto was spawned as a Connecticut Yankee, yet he left those periodically cold shores to become a school teacher in the warm Sandwich Islands. Today, he is an erudite resident of Hawaii.

"In this nice and instructive work, Rizzuto proves that he can teach sport fishing as well as grammar and spelling -- maybe better! Illustrations are line drawings by Leslie Hata, and they are generally immaculate. The work is loaded with helpful how-to illustrations.

"Rizzuto adds spice to his narrative by referring to each fish and often each technique by native Hawaiian and Japanese names, but he qualifies with stateside Americanese and Latin.

"This book is a worthy addition to any serious angler's library".

"Known to Hawaii sport fishers as "the Bible".

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